Pete Waterman OBE and his Merry Railnuts team are making a Christmas Hit for all the family during this years festive season at Blakemere Village near Northwich.

Setting up their award winning “Making Tracks III” 64ft long model railway that will include interactive elements for children and adults with a few hidden surprises!

Remember a magical childhood Christmas when you woke to find Santa had left you a toy train set?

Following its recent success at Chester Cathedral, Pete Waterman and the Railnuts team will be bringing their layout to Cheshire Outdoors at Blakemere Village near Northwich hosted by Magical Wonderland at Christmas.

This incedible 64ft long model railway, which first appeared at Chester Cathedral between Wednesday 26th July 2023 till and Saturday 2nd September 2023 will be in full festive style to be enjoyed by the entire family.

The model railway features Milton Keynes Railway station – a modern image model layout with some very special never before seen features and trains.

The team recently made history connecting and displaying all 3 Making Tracks layouts TOGETHER (152ft) at the 2023 Great Electric Train Show.

Follow the Railnuts progress of Making Tracks 1, 2 & 3 from 1st build to present day HERE

Festive Making Tracks 3 at Blakemere Village near Northwich

Saturday 16th December 2023 – Sunday 7th January 2024

Daily Opening Times 10:30 – 18:00


For Making Tracks 3, the Railnuts teamed up with Tom Connell – a transport illustrator.

A few facts about the Making Tracks 3 layout :

  • The layout is a model of Milton Keynes station as it is today with seven platforms including all the surrounding building with their iconic mirrored sides
  • The layout is 64 feet / 19.5 metres long and 12 feet / 3.65 metres wide
  • The layout took six months to build by a team of 15 people
  • There are four main loops with an eight track storage yard
  • The layout has 811 feet / 247 metres of track
  • The layout will have around 30 trains being operated including the Caledonian Sleeper with 16 coaches – this is the longest passenger train currently operating in the UK between London and Scotland
  • All buildings, bridges and walls have been built from scratch including two large multi-storey car parks
  • 200 scale cars have been 3D printed
  • The layout has 25 working signals, 120 catenary masts and 40 hand-made trees
  • 80 square feet of teddy bear fur has been used on the model (no teddies were harmed!)
  • Over a thousand glue sticks used
  • 15 feet / 4.5 metres of rubberised horse hair will be installed
  • The longest train running is 22.5feet / 7metres long!