Local animal rescue Cafo (Cheshire Animal Fundraising Organisation) are looking forward to their first anniversary which takes place on February 14th 2022.

The rescue was set up back in 2021 by kind hearted local ladies April, Sarah and Sue who wanted to help local animals and pets who are lost, stray or are involved in accidents.

The volunteers will go out and scan lost or injured animals, if they cannot find the owner they approach a shelter who have a safe space to foster the animals.
They then pay for the animals care whilst they are in that safe place until the owner is found or they can rehome them.

Cafo held two major fundraising events last year which were the summer fair that took place at Underwood Lane social club and the Christmas fair that was held at St Barnabas church hall on West St.

The ladies hope that 2022 will be a great year of fundraising as they have many animals to rescue and the vet bills for this can hit high figures very quickly.

They have recently been selected to be the Sonnet Radio – Chosen Charity of 2022 where the station will be supporting them at their fundraisers throughout the year in hope to keep the rescue going for years to come.


They have rescued some cats that have gone on to become the face of Cafo such as little black cat Acer whose pelvis was broken on both sides where it attaches to his legs.

Noel the black and white boy who was left for dead after being hit by a car on Boxing day 2020.
Both cats are fully healthy, Acer is still in foster but Noel has been rehomed where he is very much pampered and loved!

April, Sarah and Sue would like to thank everyone who have supported Cafo by donating raffle prizes, helping with fostering and scanning animals and those who have attended the fundraising fairs that have helped so many cases in the last 11 months.

If you want to get involved in fundraising, prize donation or have room to foster an animal please send a direct message to Cafo on their facebook page via the following link: Cheshire Animal Fundraising Organisation
You can also get in touch by email: cafo2021@aol.com