Tom Gilding from Eden Veterinary Surgery in Shavington has presented £660 to CAFO (Cheshire Animal Fundraising Organisation).

The money was raised by a sponsored parachute jump that Tom did on April 28th at Tilstock airfield in Shropshire.

The kind hearted vet wanted to help the team with their work for local animals who are in need of medical treatment or are looking for a new forever home.
The non-profit organisation was set in 2021 to help local animals in need at the various rescues.
They pay for the medical care of the rescued animals plus any spaying, neutering, chipping, jabs, and tests etc.

The Crewe News were invited to attend the presentation by Cafo and managed to have a word with Tom and we asked what it was like on the day.

Tom Said

The pre checks were great, there was a training session where you teach you the positions you need to adopt during freefall and for landing.
After that it was just a case of waiting to be put into your harness and then into the plane for take off.
When we took off it was only then I started thinking about the jump itself.
I felt I was in good hands with the guy who was doing the tandem with me, as I was a little nervous I’m glad it was him that had to do the initial jumping from the plane.
They open the doors about 4 minutes before you make the jump and ask you if you are still going to go ahead with it, I was still committed at that point.
If they had of asked me after they opened the doors then I’m not sure what the answer would have been.
It was freezing when the doors were opened and it was then you start to get the full feel of what was about to happen.
The whole jump consisted of around 40 seconds of freefall and then about 4 minutes floating down by the parachute.
Experiencing all of it was amazing and I don’t think that I would be scared to do it again.

Since the presentation the CAFO team have recently captured and taken in another injured cat, they have named the Cat ‘Cookie’ who was reported to them by a member of the public who was very concerned about the cats welfare.
Cookie has sadly living rough after being hit by a car and will need surgery to amputate a leg, the brave cat will also need to have an eye removed.

Cafo would love to have more supporters to help them fundraise for the rehabilitation of unfortunate cats such as Cookie, so please get in touch if you would like to give a rescued cat a loving forever home, make a donation or can offer assistance in any way.

Every single penny raised goes towards the care and rehabilitation of lost and homeless pets that need urgent help.
You can find information on the rescue on the blue link below and listen to a short audio clip to find out how you can get involved and help out this brilliant team of people.
Cafo (Cheshire animal fundraising organisation)

Cafo is the Sonnet Radio chosen cause for 2022

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Thank you to CAFO, Tom and the Eden team for allowing the Crewe News to be there for the cheque presentation

Publication By Rachel Griffiths