Do you remember the excitement of lining the streets waiting for the procession to wind it’s way around our town?

This was a much loved event bringing the passion and fun that was CREWE CARNIVAL, every August bank holiday weekend.
Well, the plan is to BRING IT BACK !!

In 2023 we will see a team bring back Crewe’s most talked about event attracting thousands of residents and tourists into Crewe.

The weekend event saw high profile headline guests on the Queens Park stage such as Jason Donovan, Diana Vickers, Eoghan Quigg and even the characters from Planet of the apes attending on horseback.

Many local bands and entertainment acts have also graced the park with their presence wowing generations of people over the years but has been sadly missed.

Stuart, a former resident of Crewe said:

“I remember all the years of my childhood watching the carnival processions of the past want to bring it back for future generations of children and adults.
I created a facebook page called Bring Back Crewe Carnival back in 2017 to get the memories and stories of the community’s history of taking part or attending the yearly event”.

Mr Boughey had tried previously, solely to gain interest in getting an event together but sadly wasn’t successful due to red tape and lack of interest.

Coming forward to 2022 in February Stuart was contacted via his “Bring Back Crewe Carnival” Facebook page by a local business man who shares the same passion and belief into bring back the carnival.

After a 2 hour meeting in a local coffee shop the duo felt very confident, they CAN do this.

The duo held a open public meeting at St. Barnabas Church Hall back in March 2022 to allow Crewe residents of all ages to pop along and talk about their memories of the carnivals and from there the team obtained a good idea of the public’s interest.

They have now gone on to form a team which has proved to be a great success.

Bring Back Crewe Carnival now have an enthusiastic team to turn the passion and belief into a reality.

The latest news from the team is …………………………….. IT’S COMING!

If you would like to get in touch with the Bring back Crewe Carnival Team to offer help please email them on:
or via their dedicated Facebook page: BBCreweCarnival

We have been made aware that there has been an unofficial Facebook page set up that is nothing to do with this event whatsoever so please follow the official links in this story.