Sensei Tomasz from Crewe has finally concluded his mammoth Cancer research fundraising tour after amassing a whopping total of £5435.
The inspirational 5th Dan Sensei has spent the last 3 years touring the UK hosting seminars to spread his knowledge throughout the Karate world after his friend Sensei Austin Birks was diagnosed with the disease.

Austin & Tom

Tom said “A few years ago when I was in Birmingham I met sensei Austin Birks. I travel around a lot due to my training and I love to meet new friends from different styles etc. Austin came from the Shotokan style as I did , in a very short period of time we became very close friends”.

A Few months later Austin was diagnosed with bowel cancer for the first time.

Tom added “I decided that I wanted to do something to support Austin but then another friend I knew found themselves in a similar situation and I myself was touched by this dreadful disease.

Tomasz has paid for all the costs and transport fees out of his own pocket and 100% of the monies raised has gone directly to the charity.
The Crewe News wishes to send our congratulations to Tom and we wish him all the best for his future ventures.