5th Dan Karate Sensei Tomasz Nisciur is set to resume his fundraising martial arts seminars around the country in hope to raise awareness and much needed funds for Cancer Research UK, a charity which is very much close to his heart.

The kind hearted Sensei has been very busy over the last 3 years visiting different clubs from far and wide until the Covid pandemic hit and brought a temporary halt to his amazing efforts.

Tomasz has been training in Martial arts since he was 7 in 1985 and entered many competitions as a teenager. He became assistant to his very own sensei at 16 and developed a very strong interest in teaching.

Since then on he has trained very hard to build on his skills and holds a very impressive CV in the world of Shotokan Karate.

Tomasz went on to join the forces at 18 where he studied the arts of Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga which added to his already hard earned knowledge of growing martial arts skills.

Four years ago he decided to return to competition where he progressed into European championship levels and then even higher onto world championship levels.

Tom has travelled as far as Canada where all his dreams came true.

Something he is especially proud of is his personal training in adaptive Karate with 8th Dan Sensei Johnson.

We have been luckily enough to interview Sensei Tom and ask why Cancer Research UK was his chosen charity.

Sensei Tomasz with his dear friend Sensei Austin Birks

Tom said “A few years ago when I was in Birmingham I met sensei Austin Birks. I travel around a lot due to my training and I love to meet new friends from different styles etc. Austin came from the Shotokan style as I did , in a very short period of time we became very close friends”.

A Few months later Austin was diagnosed with bowel cancer for the first time.

Tom added “I decided that I wanted to do something to support Austin but then another friend I knew found themselves in a similar situation and I myself was touched by this dreadful disease.

March 2021 marked two years since had I my surgery and Austin was once again given the news that he was clear. We celebrated of course and Austin went on to do stand up comedy at Birmingham’s famous Glee club to which I was invited to attend.

Not long after that Austin was again touched by cancer and managed to beat it for a second time.

Recently my very close friend Denise Blundell was diagnosed with blood cancer (Myeloma). It was at this point I was doing my fundraising tour around the country but unfortunately lockdown stopped me.

Denise became very seriously ill and Austin was once again diagnosed with cancer for the third time.
I was saddened when Denise was taken only a few weeks ago by this cruel illness and I was very honoured to have been a bearer for her at the funeral”.

Tomasz has travelled many miles to host special martial arts fundraising events, last year he visited Plymouth where he is due to return next month and not long after he will be making the journey North up to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Tomasz pays for all his travelling costs himself so 100% of all money raised on his tour goes directly to Cancer Research UK.

To date there has been a lot of money raised for the charity so far but his main aim is to raise awareness of the effects of cancer on the people that receive the diagnosis and their families.

Tom’s home club is Red Dragon based in Crewe, the club was founded in 2016 jointly by him and his four friends who are karate enthusiasts of different backgrounds and skills, Steven Matzen, Craig Roberts, Stuart Cooper and Mel Whalley.

Sensei Tom with Sensei’s Craig, Steve and Stuart at Red Dragon In Crewe

Tom is very proud of what the club has achieved in the 5 years since it first opened.

If you would like Sensei Tomasz to host a cancer fundraiser at your club please get in touch with him on tomasz.nisciur@yahoo.com

A Personal Message from Tomasz
My name is Tomasz Nisciur, and I am a 5th Dan martial artist in Shotokan karate who has been inspired by my karate friends who have been diagnosed with cancer.

I decided to do this tour to support them and their families and to support such an important cause. My dream is as an instructor is to spread my knowledge and skills.

All mat fees from the day will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

No ranks are withheld during these seminars, we all wear pink belts as a symbol that we are all as one supporting each other. I was brought up with the basic value that we need to take care of other people who are less privileged in life, spending time with people who are fighting cancer inspires you so much. Whether you share your own story or that of a loved one you can make a real difference.

If you enjoy martial arts please join me and we can support our friends and this cause together.

If people say you are too old or you can’t do it they are mistaken, you CAN do this. The best day to make a difference is today.

Thank you from Tomasz.

Sensei Tom’s fundraising page can be found here – Tomasz Niściur Karate

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